Bold Moves and the BeNCH Community Rehabilitation Company Rate Card


As part of the Government’s Transforming Rehabilitation programme Sodexo, in partnership with Nacro, were awarded ownership of six Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) including The Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire (BeNCH) Community Rehabilitation Company. 

Transforming Rehabilitation has changed the way that service users are managed in the community. It builds on the historic good practice of Probation Trust’s whilst introducing greater scope for new and innovative approaches to reducing reoffending through delivery by private, charitable, voluntary and community sector organisations. The introduction of The Rate Card is one of the many new elements of Probation Service delivery under the Transforming Rehabilitation programme.

This brochure explains BeNCH CRC’s Rate Card Service and how Bold Moves provision can be purchased by the NPS or other CRCs. Our offer has been developed to enable individuals to achieve best possible outcomes that will ultimately contribute to a reduced rate of reoffending for the communities that we serve. 

Process for Purchasing from the Rate Card:

Resettlement Services on Part 1 of the Rate Card and discretionary services on Part 2 of the Rate Card are requested by the NPS in NDelius via the use of Non-Statutory Interventions (NSIs). In addition to the NPS, the CRCs Rate Card services may also be accessed by other agencies such as other CRCs, the Police and Crime Commissioner and CAFCASS.  For agencies that do not use NDelius, please contact the CRC directly at: for information on how to access the services detailed in the programme menu below:

Bold Moves Programme Menu

Prison Locations

HMP Woodhill, HMP Bedford, HMP The Mount, HMP Peterborough


Community Coverage

Full CRC coverage



360 Motivation: 4 x 2 hour sessions
Family Man: 10 x 2 hour sessions
The Grey Man: 10 x 2 hour sessions
360 Victim Awareness: 6 x 2 hour sessions
360 Anger Management: 6 x 2 hour sessions
Men’s Health and Safety 1:1 sessions
Male Victims of Domestic Abuse 1:1 sessions


Description of Service 360MotivationProgramme:
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Family Man Programme:
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The Grey Man Programme:
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360 Victim Awareness.
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360 Anger Management.
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Men’s Health and Safety (Usually 1:1)
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Male Victims of Domestic Abuse (Usually 1:1)
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BeNCH CRC Rate Card Enquiry Form


Please download the document here to enquire about any of the Rate Card Services advertised in the BeNCH CRC Rate Card.

Do not provide any personal information about the service user in the Enquiry Form, other than the Probation CRN at this time; this will ensure that the details can be sent by unsecure email, if necessary, to any of BeNCH CRC’s partners. 

Completed Enquiry Forms should be sent to:

Upon receipt of the fully completed Enquiry Form, the relevant service provider will contact you by phone or email within 24 business hours to progress your query.

Making an enquiry in no way obligates you to purchasing services from BeNCH CRC. If you are unsure as to the suitability of a service but want to find out more, please do not hesitate to make an enquiry to see if we can help.