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Engaging with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence (1 Day - £99 per person)


This one day course is for practitioners who encounter DV perpetrators – such as social workers, Cafcass officers, health workers, substance misuse workers, relationship counsellors or people working mainly with victims but wanting to understand more about perpetrators.

You will learn about current research and practice developments, techniques to help engagement and risk assessment and how to make effective referrals to specialist domestic violence programmes.

This training covers a range of exercises to address many key themes:


  • Assessing perpetrators
  • Analysing violent incidents
  • Holding perpetrators accountable for their behaviour
  • Sexual respect
  • Safeguarding



Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable adults (1 Day - £99 per person)


This Safeguarding Adults Training course is designed for anyone who has contact with the public and is a valuable training course for protecting those most susceptible to abuse.

Staff and volunteers from the following sectors are included: community services, police, voluntary sector and community groups, adult social care providers, housing, health and education.

Aims of the Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults training course include, to raise awareness of different types of abuse and their signs, detail the correct reporting procedures and to prevent abuse wherever possible.

The reputation of organisations is built on the quality of staff and training plays a fundamental part in their approach to caring for others.



NLP for professionals (1 Day - £99 per person)


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) offers tools and techniques to transform your innate potential, into performance. With Bold Moves NLP training, you will learn to understand the language of the mind, learn how your mind works and in turn other people's minds to help improve your relationships, career, personal development, communication, leadership and motivation.

Bold Moves training covers a range of critical NLP themes including:


  • Effective communication assumptions
  • Awareness of subtle cues in communication
  • Rapport building and creating a sense of trust
  • Shifting perspectives for greater insight
  • Using questions to elicit high quality information
  • Practising NLP skills in real-life scenarios
  • Mind-mapping learnings and applications.



Transactional Analysis for professionals (1 Day - £99 per person)


Bold Moves delivers this course to professionals interested in learning TA for the first time or building on a basic level of knowledge. The course provides useful theories and concepts that can be applied in both personal and professional lives.

The course introduces some of the main concepts of TA including ideas such as:


  • How we make decisions early in our life that become unconscious and affect us now both professionally and personally
  • Psychological games and how we and others unconsciously set up repetitive patterns to keep our world predictable and familiar
  • Ego States and the different aspects of ourselves and others and how we can operate from each of these
  • Transactions and the ways with which we communicate with others

We identify strategies to help relate these concepts to ourselves and others while identifying alternative options for behaviour and communication. Participants will be invited to use the theory presented to reflect on their own practice through a combination of teaching, discussion, practical exercise and time for reflection.



Cognitive Behavioural Methodologies for Professionals (1 Day - £99 per person)


This course builds on professionals’ existing general therapeutic skills. A variety of teaching methods are used including role play, small group work and modelling. These methods are used to explore and instil specific skills in CBT. The focus of this programme is on screening for suitability, assessment strategies, and developing a rationale and style of delivery of key CBT methodologies.

Many people who have learned through the Bold Moves methodologies find that it helps them a great deal in doing their job if their job involves helping people in distress experience less distress or by helping people learn how to manage their life more effectively.



Working with Separated Parents (2 Days - £180 per person)


We deliver the working with separated dads course to prepare practitioners and teams to deliver to mums and dads in a range of settings and situations. The course is aimed at service managers and frontline workers from a variety of settings, including Children’s Centres, maternity services, child protection, schools and family learning services, Connexions, child and adolescent mental health services, teenage pregnancy services and youth offending teams.


The course focuses on understanding the challenges and complexities of separation and non-residency, enabling participants to:


  • Build the confidence, knowledge and skills to work effectively with separated parents and non-resident parents
  • Explore and plan practical multi-agency strategies to engage non- resident fathers
  • Understand the implications of emerging public policy frameworks for working with non- resident fathers.



PTSD and Trauma informed therapy (2 Days - £180 per person)


Developed for practitioners from a range of professional backgrounds working in community-based services, this course provides a framework for understanding, responding, and aiding recovery.

Over two days’ delegates will learn about and practise key aspects of Trauma-Informed Care, including how to safely talk about trauma, simple strategies to teach clients to help them deal with their distress, how to foster independence and recovery, and encouraging connection with others.


Course content includes:


  • The impact of psychological trauma
  • The principles of Trauma-Informed Care
  • Applying Trauma-Informed Care principles in your work and organisation
  • How to assess and talk about trauma safely and sensitively
  • Using brief recovery-focussed interventions
  • Looking after yourself



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