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Mission statement


Provide a family and friendly safe environment for separated parents and families to meet with their children.

Ensure children are safe at all times.
Support the process of building and maintaining relationships.

Respecting individuals and preserving confidentiality.
We offer a sensitive approach to families during the time they spend with their children

Promoting equality and celebrating diversity
We provide an efficient support mechanism to the work of social workers and other agencies who refer to us.
We develop a trustworthy and supportive relationship with children and their families and Local Authorities, Cafcass, the Family Courts and Family Lawyers.
We offer a friendly, safe, warm and secure environment.

We represent, safeguard and promote the welfare of children involved in family court proceedings.

We improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the services offered through ensuring consistency.

Providing better outcomes for children and their families.





We have 3 rooms and a kitchen area with access to an outside space.

The contact centre offers 5 x one-hour slots starting at 10 and the last session starting at 2pm. This is every Saturday (timetable available and not open around specific holidays) This is a non smoking venue and phone permitted as in accordance with the referral.
Possible weekdays can be arranged.

Child Contact Centres are regarded by the court as a temporary solution to difficulties in contact and not a permanent arrangement.


We offer:


Supervised Contact sessions where a report is completed and the session is supervised from the point of handover until the end of the session.

Supervised Contact is defined as: A service where contact takes place in the constant presence of a trained person with the direct responsibility to observe and ensure the safety of those involved. Supervised contact not only ensures the physical safety but also the emotional wellbeing of a child when risks have been identified. It also assists in building and sustaining positive relationships between a child and members of their non-resident family.

During Supervised contact, the contact supervisor stays in sight and sound of the child at all times making notes of what happens during contact. These notes will be made available to the referrer who shares them with the other party and with the court if applicable. Contact Supervisors aim to provide a written report of each supervised contact session within 7 – 10 working days.


Supported Contact where minimal support is provided. We do not provide verbal or written reports about the sessions apart from the dates and times of attendance. The only exception is if a child, family member, resident or non-resident parent or a member of staff is at risk of harm. 

Supported Contact take place in one of our warm welcoming contact rooms where children can spend time with the parent they do not live with and sometimes with other family members. Our contact rooms are full of toys games, books and crafts to keep children entertained. Staff members are on hand to oversee the sessions and offer support and guidance where appropriate; however, supported contact is not closely monitored and written feedback is not given. We only provide a record of attendance.


Parenting plans – completed individually by both parents separately and then a meeting is held with both parents to go through the parenting plans and mediate any areas not in agreement.


Counseling - We can provide one to one Counseling for children and young people.


Preparing children and young people for introduction of contact. Direct work is undertaken with the child or young person including play and communications with children and young people.


Wishes and feelings work can also be undertaken.


Handover - This is where we undertake or supervised the handover of children from one parent or carer to another. This is normally used when one of the parties feels a risk or uncomfortable about seeing each other; however there is no risk to the child but the parent requires a neutral person to be present. For more complex cases we maybe also able to provide a full handover service, collecting and transporting a child door to door (subject to the availability of staff).


Supervised Contact Assessments (this can be used to identify the reasons for the breakdown of the arrangements and identify the issues.


Indirect Contact - This is where direct contact is either unsafe, unworkable and or not in the child’s best interests. Contact can be in the form of letters, cards, gifts, emails or Skype through our centre. It usually initially takes place over a six-month period with an option to extend it to twelve months if required or what has been agreed by the parties or court ordered.

This form of contact is often used to re-introduce a child to a non-resident parent they have not seen for a long period of time or there are concerns about domestic violence; child abuse or where a child has been adopted.


Escorted Contact - Takes place at the centre and is introduced once a regular, safe and sustainable pattern of contact has been established. Involving the child and non-resident parent being accompanied on visits to places such as local parks, shops, bowling and restaurants.

Escorted contact is introduced once a regular, safe and sustainable pattern of contact has been established within a child contact centre or elsewhere, involving the child and non-resident parent (or other family member (s) being accompanied on visits to places such as local parks, shops and restaurants being supervised by a Contact Supervisor. We will ensure that the transport and arrangements and places being visited are both safe and meet the needs of the child involved in the contact. We will provide a report.


Life Story Work – used where a child has no knowledge of or has not spent time with the parent or family member (S).


Mediation – We can provide mediation. Research shows that mediation is cost-effective, and quicker than using lawyer negotiation or taking things through the family court.



Role of the Contact supervisor


To work as a member of a team providing: supervision in the community / home /contact centre (including supervising contact visits) or any other service required by our service users. Provide a safe and supportive environment to ensure at all times the physical and emotional wellbeing of the child/ young person in our care is safeguarded.


Bold Moves Contact Centre


Bold moves support parents in their communication and contact with their child/ren.  It is important that the child feels safe at all times and is able to talk to their parents about any concerns, to build this bond with a child or maintain this the parent needs to remain child focused at all times during the contact and not put down the other parent, or anyone the child loves so that the child can enjoy the contact without feeling unsafe or stressed by the visit.


All new referrals will be assessed at the contact centre, the resident parent will attend the centre with the child/ren, talk to the staff and show the children around the contact centre.  This is to reduce anxiety for the children.


The non resident parent will attend a two hour introduction to the centre to understand the ethos of bold moves, which is for parent to be child centred and not allow the outside influences of their case to impact on their relationship with the child/ren. For their child/ren to feel safe at all times.


The staff have the right to stop a contact if there are safe guarding concerns and will call the police if there is any acts of abuse (physical, emotional or verbal) towards anyone in the centre.

Complaints and compliments?


We welcome suggestions on how we can improve our service.  Please feel free to contact the centre coordinator who will be pleased to discuss any difficulties encountered when using the centre.

Rules of the centre.


Parents are responsible for their children at all times whilst they are at the centre.

Only individuals confirmed in advance will be allowed admittance to the centre. This may be varied by written agreement from both parties and in agreement with the Centre Coordinator.

Bold moves reserves the right to reduce or terminate contact where appropriate if this action is felt to be in the best interest of the child.

If a parent is not in a fit state to participate in contact, contact is too upset, even if there is a contact order.

To support the welfare of the child, there may be times when contact cannot take place if the child is too upset, even if there is a contact order.

Bold moves have a statutory obligation to pass information to relevant partner organisations when a Safeguarding or child protection issue has arisen within the centre or elsewhere.

Parents must notify the Centre immediately if the arrangements for contact are going to change or if contact is going to cease.

The centre operates a policy of zero tolerance of any abusive behaviour towards staff, volunteers or other families using the centre.

The centre should be viewed as a temporary facility to help establish contact reviews to establish the family’s progress will be held every 3-6 months, dependent upon agreement at pre visit meeting.


Bold moves believes that every child counts and should be brought up in a safe and loving environment, they have the capacity to love their care givers and should not be place in the centre of a relationship breakdown or raised in neglect. It is our intention to support parents/care givers in being the best child centred adult they can be.




We accept 'Referrals' from Local Authorities, Solicitors, Barristers, Family mediators, Parents; CAFCASS and other professionals.

Bold Moves Family Services is independent of the Courts, Children’s Services and or any statutory agency.



Terms and Conditions


Bold Moves require a booking fee, which is non-refundable

Bank transfers which need to be paid prior to the contact or cash can be paid on the day.

Cancellations: If an appointment is cancelled within 5 days this will incur a 50% charge. Cancellations within 24 hours will incur a 100% charge. The commissioner of the service is responsible for the charge irrespective of the reason for the cancellation.

If you require further information, costs or to book a session please contact us on